Dharma Sastra

Welcome to DharmaSastra.Net!

This website presents an introduction to Dharma Sastra, which is the very fundamental piece and backbone behind the religion that is now called Hinduism.

Hinduism, as Shri Maha Perival explains, is a name given by Britishers, and it is not just a religion - rather it is a way of living, and is enshrined in the various vedangas, upanishads and other supporting doctrines.

The expectation of this site is that once the fundamentals of dharma are laid clear with supporting reason and rationale, more people would understand the background and start following them with right earnest. So, this is an attempt to unearth the hidden treasures of Hinduism and present it for the common man to understand and adopt in his daily life.

As it is rightly said - "Dharmo Rakshati, Rakshitaha" - Dharma protects one, when it is protected (or adhered to without fail).

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